EMMY Awards:
  • American Idol
  • Hello, Dali
EMMY Award Nominations:
  • Five for American Idol
  • Fleetwood Mac: The Dance
  • Genius: A Night for Ray Charles
  • The Spectacular World of Guinness Records
  • An American Reunion: The People’s Inaugural Celebration
  • Richard Lewis: I’m Doomed
Grammy Award:
  • Huey Lewis and the News, Best Long Form Video
DGA Award:
  • Genius: A Night for Ray Charles
DGA Award Nominations:
  • American Idol, Season Finale Season 5
  • Fleetwood Mac: The Dance
Ace Awards:
  • Men at Work
  • Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met
  • Soul Session: James Brown and Friends
  • HBO Comedy Playhouse: Greater Tuna
  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • MTV Movie Awards
Ace Award Nominations:
  • Five for the MTV Music Video Music Awards
  • Two for the MTV Movie Awards
  • The Kidsongs TV Show
  • Woodstock ’94
  • VH1 Honors
  • Rock of the 80′s
  • MTV Unplugged: Paul McCartney
  • Paula Poundstone: Cats, Cops and Stuff
  • Richard Lewis: I’m Doomed
MTV Video Music Awards:
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • James Brown
ViRa Award:
  • Outstanding Accomplishment in Home Video : Kidsongs
Golden Harp Award:
  • Outstanding Documentary, Hello Dali
  • Finnan Games
3 Parents Choice Awards:
  • Kidsongs
5 National Parenting Publications Association Awards:
  • Kidsongs
NAACP Award:
  • The Essence Awards
NAACP Awards Nominations:
  • Five for The Essence Awards
  • Hello, Dali